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All applications


Playing with light, colors and materials. Curtains with an eye for detail.
Eye-catchers. Dyed or printed. Composed with care ...


Modern. Natural. Classic. Showpieces for any interior.
Furniture with character. Fabric for inspiration. Highly recommended ...

Fashion Fabrics

Fashion. A matter of taste, stylish design and high quality materials.
Fine wearable fabrics that feel like a second skin. Produced with love

Bags / Suitcases

From fashion item to functional portability. Sometimes classic. Often fashionable.
Each bag or suitcase has its own story. Unique fabric. With superior quality


Duvet covers. Sheets. Pillowcases. Headboards. Bedspreads.
Comfortable bed linen. To dream away. Head in the clouds ...

Garden cushions

Exterior cushions. Beanbags. Lounge Cushions. They last for a long time.
Radiant substances. Extraordinarily beautiful. Of course, from Enschede


A rich variety of fabrics. Exclusive and contemporary. With proven quality.
The finest linen. A joy for the eyes. To feel welcome ...


Comfort. Security. Recognition. Functionality. Identity.
Workwear. From target to material. Guaranteed to work better ...

Construction materials

Gauze Cloth. Technical textiles. Acoustic cloth. Ceiling textiles.
From knowledge to product. Remarkably well!


Living Pillows. Comfortable soft. Always following the latest trends.
Inviting cushions. With tactile quality. We make a good impression together!


Kitchen linens. Wipers. Wipers for silver. Dishcloths. Chamois cloths. Wipes with just that little extra shine. Because excellence is allowed again ...

Roller blinds

Sun shade control. Blackout. Transparent. Decorative.
A variety of materials, colors and techniques. Window coverings that fit ...


Fast drying, strong and compact. With an indestructible protection.
Tent cloths. 100% cotton. 100% quality. Can we ventilate this?


Floor lamps. Wall lights. Table lamps. Hanging lamps. Ceiling lights.
Lampshades with endless possibilities. Which we will highlight here ...

Artist linen

Sturdy cotton canvas. For oil, acrylic or gouache painting.
State of the art!