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We ship our fabrics to all parts of the world, so we have a good understanding of colors and designs. You can also contact us for printing Trevira CS fabrics for the object market and for blackout coatings.

Playing with light, colors and materials. Curtains with an eye for detail. Eye-catchers. Dyed or printed. Composed with care.

JB Textiles is an expert in producing high quality curtains. Partnership is our basic principle. You are welcome to benefit fully from our coloring and printing facilities. Additionally, you can choose from various designs and witte-afbeelding.jpgdifferent fabric qualities. Let us advise you about our fire retardant, dirt-resistant and antibacterial finishes.

Rather a design on an exclusive basis? We invite you to develop it with our help in our studio. For blackout coatings and printing (fireproof) object Trevira CS fabrics you have come to the right place.